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 Flight, Hotel, Travel Service

  http://www.elong.net/   Flight, Hotel, Travel Service
  http://english.ctrip.com/   Flight, Hotel, Travel Service
  http://www.5166world.com/en/   Flight, Hotel, Travel Service
  http://www.caissa.com.cn/caissa/china/index.htm   Flight, Hotel, Travel Service
  http://www.hscts.com.cn/eng.asp   Anhui Huangshan Travel
  http://www.tpitc.com/index-e.htm   Beijing Travel
  http://www.fjtravel.com.cn/english/index.htm   Fujian Xiamen Travel
  http://www.ctcol.com/tourline/egzti/   Guangdong Guangzhou Travel
  http://www.ctcol.com/user/tmt-gzp/gztm_e01.htm   Guangdong Guangzhou Travel
  http://www.gdtravel.com/xiangguan/lxshe/zhqzhonglv/zhlsh/english/index.htm   Guangdong Zhaoqing Travel
  http://www.guilincyts.com/index_en.htm   Guangxi Guilin Travel
  http://www.baodingtravel.com/ev/index11.htm   Hebei Baoding Travel
  http://www.chinazjjtour.com/   Hunan Zhangjiajie Travel
  http://www.aroundsuzhou.com/english/eindex.htm   Jiangsu Suzhou Travel
  http://www.bx.gov.cn/en/   Liaoning Benxi Travel
  http://www.lncts.com/main_e_company.htm   Liaoning Travel
  http://www.cts-sx.com.cn/english/index.htm   Shaanxi Travel
  http://www.regencyholiday.com/english/About-Xi-an.htm   Shaanxi Xi'an Travel
  http://www.chinakongzi.com/2550/eng/index.html   Shandong Qufu Travel
  http://www.cets.com.cn/english/englishindex.htm   Shanghai Travel
  http://tour.china-sss.com   Shanghai Travel
  http://www.sxtycct.com/english/Default.htm   Shanxi Travel
  http://www.cts.com.cn/enindex.htm   Sichuan Chengdu Travel
  http://www.517sc.com/english/index.htm   Sichuan Travel
  http://www.bamboosea.com/english/index.asp   Sichuan Yibin Bamboo See Travel
  http://www.yzcruises.com/english/   Three Georges Travel
  http://www.tibettour.com.cn/ent/index.asp   Tibet Travel
  http://www.west-tour.com/english/english.php   Xinjiang Travel
  http://www.yunnantourism.net/   Yunnan Travel
  http://webmail.alentus.com/cgi-bin/sqwebmail?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.viethoteltravel.com   Vietnam Tourism ,Vietnam Travel Guide, Vietnam Hotel¡­.
   Asia Tourist, Vietnam tour operator, hotel reservation , Vietnam Travel guide¡­

 Entry and Exit Administration - China Work Permit, China Work Visa

  http://www.bjgaj.gov.cn/epolice/qianzheng.htm   Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau
  http://www.gdcrj.com/en/   Public Security Department of Guangdong Province

 ESL Hot Links

  http://www.englishclub.com/   EnglishClub.com: English for ESL learners & teachers
  http://iteslj.org/   Links of Interest to Students & Teachers of English as a Second Language
  http://www.khmer440.com/   The Web Community of Cambodia

 Asia Jobs

  http://www.englishschoolwatch.org   English School Watch
   Features information about teaching English in Asia. The Watch features jobs and resume boards as well as discussion forum.
  http://www.bestjobs.com.my/   Find Jobs in Malaysia
  http://www.jobsinjapan.com/   Jobs in Japan
  http://www.expatvietnam.net/cat_1/1.html   Jobs in Vietnam.
  http://www.teachkorea.com/   Teach English in Korea.
  http://hiteacher.com/   Teach English in Korea.
  http://www.thailandteacher.com/   Teach English in Thailand.
  http://www.ajarn.com/   Teach English in Thailand.
  http://www.mekongesl.com/   Teach English in Vietnam, teach English in Cambodia
  http://www.phelex.com/   The Phelex Institute
   The foundation actively promotes basic education for financially, socially or physically disadvantaged children in the poverty-stricken regions of rural Asia.
  http://www.eslisland.com/   The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English, Living & Traveling in Taiwan!
  http://www.vietnamonline.com/employex/   Vietnam Jobs

 Work Overseas

  http://www.traveltree.co.uk/   volunteer work, volunteering, overseas jobs, working holidays, studying, language schools, internships, Gap Year, Career breaks, adventure holidays
   We provide a number of language schools, internship programs, TEFL courses and adventure travel holidays overseas.


  http://www.asism.com.au/   Australian School of Industry and Service Management
   Australian School of Industry - Fully accredited service management training courses for business.
  http://www.listenandlearn.org/   Learn French
   You will not only improve your confidence and fluency in speaking, listening and understanding, but also extend your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.


  http://weather.noaa.gov/weather/CN_cc.html   Current Weather Conditions in China

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