Hunan First Normal University - the alma mater of Mao Zedong, was founded in 1903, and can date back to the Nan Song Dynasty when Southern Changsha City Academy was founded. Now it is a three-year normal University, and enjoying the solid reputation as a "thousand-year institution of higher learning and hundred-year normal school". It is located in the west of Changsha city.

There are three campuses now in the University, one is Dongfanghong campus which seats in the western part of Changsha city and acts as the main teaching base; Another is Chengnan campus which locates in the eastern part of Changsha city and the Memorial of Youth Mao Zedong is included. The other is Huanghua campus, which is used as a manufacturing base.

In recent years, Hunan First Normal University has kept abreast of the times and blazed new trails showing the world a new face in the form of its upgrading of its facilities and the development of an awesome new campus. Now the school has an area of 897,768 square meters and over 43 million RMB worth of new teaching equipment. The University library has a collection of over 1 million volumes.

The school has a staff of 778, including 639 faculty members, more than 58 of whom are professors, 12 of whom hold doctorate degrees, and 3 of whom are experts granted with a special governmental allowance. There are 220 teachers holding titles of Associate Professor. Additionally, there are 252 teachers with a Master's degree or higher level of education. Presently, there are 16,500 undergraduates and 3-year program students in the school. There are five areas of specialty being offered at the school: pedagogy, literature, natural science, engineering, and management science. The Foreign Language Department is the biggest one, which has 4480 students now and the courses include English education, business English and applied English.

Students at Hunan First Normal University have demonstrated their excellence through participation in numerous math, debate, software creation, English speech and theatrical contests and achieved gold medals and other coveted prizes.

The school has been selected as an example of advanced education for teaching and scientific research and its beautiful garden-style architecture has caused it to be chosen as an example of civilized building culture at the municipal, provincial, and national levels. Chengnan campus has also been long designated as a major historical, cultural and patriotic site.


Looking for two English teachers, one singing teacher ( Sept. 1, 2016)

Now we are looking for 4 more foreign teachers to teach English and 1 more foreign teacher to teach singing starting on the first day of Sept. 1, 2016, who should have a bachelor degree or above in arts and in vocal music major respectively, and one or two years’ teaching or performing experience.

We can pay the teachers 5,000-6,000RMB and 7000-8000RMB per month, one round way plane ticket for a school year (or a one-way plane ticket for each semester); 2,200RMB domestic traveling allowance for a school year (or 1100RMB for each semester); provide the teachers free accommodation, internet, electricity and water, a separate apartment sized 68 square meters with two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen, equipped with television, air-conditioners, refrigerator, washing machine, computer (includes Internet capabilities), telephone, microwave, gas stove, cooking appliance, and furniture, and also assistance to process work visa, foreign expert certificate, and residence permit, picking-up at Changsha Airport as well.




Contact person:Tang Jianwu

Email address: dingtangjianwu[AT]  or fax (0086-731-8228212)


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