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You can choose and contact the school directly through website form by yourself. Your message E-mailed directly to school. We are not agent, but if you don't have the time to do all the search work and response the kinds of employers with yourself, you can consider getting support from us. We will help you contact the public institution representative to get an interview chance.

If you need us assist you in your Job Search, you are invited to leave a copy of your Resume with us and we will contact you if we have a job order matching your skills and experience. We wish you luck in your job search.

To submit a resume please copy and paste your resume in the box below.

1, If you need us help you sign with your targeted employers, tell us that employer's name, and state your Gender, Nationality now and birth, and Date of Birth, Which area you want to go, What exactly date you are available, etc. Of course leave your current telephone number.

2, You can also build your resume online after creating a free account then tell us your reusme ID. If you already a member, just need to tell your ID.

3, English language teacher position, we only accept applications from native English speakers who came from western country at the moment.

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